How To Weld Sheet Metal│An Expert Guide

Before you decide to step into metalworks, the very first thing you need to master is welding. As of date, welding can be termed as one of the most important tasks among American metal industries.

For anyone to be setting his/her foot in this industry, learning how to weld sheet metal is extremely important. Welding sheet metal is kind of a fundamental welding process that can help you learn welding on different materials in the future.Check our buying guide of best welders for sheet metal work.

In this article, we will be shedding light on different sheet-welding techniques. No matter what you are – an expert or a beginner, our tips are going to help you for sure. So, stay tuned and read till the end!

Methods Of Sheet Welding

There are a number of welding techniques welders use. Out of these methods, we will be discussing two of the most common ones – MIG an TIG welding. The reason behind it is that these are very easy to apply, and beginners can also try out their luck.

Moreover, mastering these methods clears the way to learn many other complex techniques, as well.

MIG Welding Sheet Metal

MIG welding is one of the most popular methods for beginners to start their welding lessons with. For this very reason, MIG welding is also very popular among hobbyists and DIYers.

Before starting the welding process, you need to fully clean the sheet surface. This helps to get a better and smoother result.

During this process, the welding gun is loaded with a solid wire electrode. The welding flame is then shot towards the welding pool. This causes the base materials to fuse together.

To protect the welding pool from any type of contamination, a special shielding gas is used.

TIG Welding Sheet Metal

Another easy method for welding sheet metal is the TIG welding technique. This method is also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. If you are trying to weld a sheet that is really thin, this method is a perfect match for that.

Using a small tungsten rod, you can make a small weld on the sheet. Plus, in order to avoid any type of contamination, the electrode you use should be at least one of the smallest.

As in this method, a shorter arc length is used; this eventually gives a high-quality result.

There is an electric arc between an electrode and the heat-torch. The TIG welding method uses the heat that is produced from the electric arc. Make sure that the electrode and the heat torch have a very little gap in between.

In this way, the heat will let the base materials to fuse together easily. Again, this method uses an inert gas, which is kind of a guard by nature. It protects the electric arc and the metal that has been molted from getting oxidized.

The TIG welding technique is equally used by beginner and advance welders because of its easiness and simplicity.

Butt Welding And Lap Welding

There are a couple of ways you can use the MIG and TIG welding methods to effectively fuse a couple of sheets. Known as Butt Welding and Lap Welding, these techniques are mainly used to join a number of sheets together.

Butt Welding

Butt welding is used to fuse and join several sheets together. You can fuse thinner sheets by this process. It is specially used to make sure that the welding can be done on one go.

This is how it’s done. Putting two sheets on each other, you need to put pressure/heat on it. It will make the sheets penetrate each other, and eventually get fused and joined. It is a direct effect of high heat that is being produced.

Lap Welding

As for Lap welding, this is also kind of similar to the Butt welding process. The only difference here is that you can join sheets of different thicknesses. Before applying the heat, you need to arrange the sheet in an overlapping position.

Other Ways To Weld

Apart from the methods we have discussed here, there is another way to weld sheet metal. It is known as the Tack-welding process. Basically, it is a temporary welding method that can be altered over time.

It is used to stick sheets together on a temporary basis with proper alignment. Also, it is kept away from any heating source as long as the final welding process isn’t undertaken.

You can Tack-weld individual and short pieces that can be a part of a bigger piece of welding sheet. That’s the reason Tack-welding is usually known as a short welding method.

This method is extremely beneficial, especially for engineers. They can bring about any change they need over the course of time. If there seems to be any mistake or error in alignment, the welding can be altered and changed to rectify it.

Tips For MIG Welding

Here are some pro-tips to weld perfectly on a metal sheet.

  • Infinite Adjustability

Find a welding machine that features the option of infinite adjustability. This is a great option for you to alter and change the process as you want. You can adjust voltage and make changes in the wire feeding setting, as well. Having a machine with this option makes your welding experience smoother and easier.

  • Practice

Nothing can be achieved without proper practice. Welding is a technical task that can’t be mastered without doing it over and over again. And welding with the MIG welding technique is of no difference.

That’s why you have to practice a lot. Explore different settings in the machine to see if it is working for you or not. If you are at the very beginning stage, it’s better to go for useless metal sheets and practice welding on it.

  • Choose Electrode Wire Wisely

You have to use an electrode wire that is quite thinner. This is because it needs less amount of heat, and it protects the sheet from any hole being made in it. A wire that measures around 0.023 inches is perfect for such a task.

  • Short Burst

When you are wire feeding for the welding, make sure you are going for short bursts of welding. Avoid long beads, as short bursts will aid in taking more control over the welding process.

Final Words

So that’s the way you weld a sheet. We hope that the tips we shared in this article will help you understand the welding process quite effectively. Remember, as long as you know how to weld sheet metal, handling giant projects will be a piece of cake for you. Keep learning, keep practicing, and keep developing every day!

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