Welding Safety Tips | All You Need to Know

Welding, as easy as it seems, can give you a pretty hard time as well. No one sees what happens behind the scene. The flames, the burn, the electric shock, a welder knows what he goes through.

I don’t know if you’re going to buy it, but welders face a lot of risks every day. One wrong move, and it can even cost his life. Now, you know about these threats for the first time, I don’t want you to pull your hair and say ‘Shit! What am I gonna do?’

Relax! I’m covering almost all the welding safety tips you need to know. So, walk with me.

 Welding Safety Tips

Now, there are a lot of risk factors that can get you into trouble, but I’m going to talk about the most common ones. So, focus on my words and do as I say.

 Do Your Homework

Welders these days, especially the newbies, think that they’re Mr. Know-it-all. You just surf the web, and you get to know things you need to know. WRONG!

You need to get your hands on the real operating manual. Read books, mainly the ones that come with welding tools. You can contact your fellow welder, who knows a lot about welding.

The purpose is to have all the know-how on welding.

 Get Yourself An Industrial-Grade Helmet

Welding is no joke. You can’t start welding unless you have the right welding helmet. This job is a game of sparks, so you have to make sure your eyes stay protected all the time.

If you have the best welding helmet, your eyes won’t get harmed in any way, even if you expose them in front of sparks for hours.

Wear the helmet, look into the mirror — You’ll look like IRON MAN!

 Suit Up!

A person who welds yet but didn’t get any burn is quite impossible to find. It doesn’t matter how much of a pro you are unless you know how to suit up.

The welding arcs can cause critical damage to your skin if it’s not heavily protected. This is why you got to wear an apron while your hands and wrists stay protected with flame-resistant gloves.

Also, don’t forget to buy safety glasses. Now you can say ‘Wait a minute, I already got my industrial-grade helmet. Why the heck would I wear safety glasses?’

Welding helmets won’t prevent flying particles from getting inside your eyes. At least, you’re not getting it from the ones that don’t use any glass as shade. This is where you’ll need to wear the glasses.

Make sure, the glasses have got goggles or side shields so that your eyes stay protected from sparks and debris.

Lastly, wear a welding jacket for maximum protection. And don’t forget to wear safety-shoes as well. These shoes will protect you from getting electric shocks, burns or getting in touch with heat.

 Work In A Ventilated Area

As you carry out the welding operation, it’s going to produce a lot of fumes. If you get exposed to such fumes, it can be quite a threat to your health. Things get worse if you’re someone who’s suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or allergies.

This is why, whenever you’re going to weld, make sure you’re working on a properly ventilated area. The fumes and unhealthy gas should stay away from the breathing zone.

Try installing a fan, exhaust systems, and exhaust hoods. This will keep all the fumes away from your area.

 Sit In The Right Position

For accuracy and precision, it’s pretty important for you to sit in the correct welding position. Avoid crouching and sit in such a way so that you can gain your accuracy and be inside your comfort zone. Also, make sure the fumes do not touch your face in any way.

 Use Earmuffs

Earmuff; no, it’s not what you’re thinking. Wear it on your ear, and this little friend will keep your ear canal safe from noise, metal sparks, and dust particles.

Researches show that welders usually work for eight hours a day. This means you’ll have to deal with all those weird buzzing noises for a long time.

To make sure your eardrums don’t get a hard time, you can find earmuffs to be handy.  Who wants to be a deaf, right?

 Electric Shock? Avoid It

I wouldn’t buy it if a welder told me he never got a shock during his job, especially while changing the electrodes. It’s one of the most common accidents that happens to almost all the welders.

If you have hole-free gloves already, you’ve got this thing covered. However, there’s more though. Before you turn on the welding machine, always check if there’s any puddle of water close to the weld. If you find it, don’t forget to remove it.

Make sure your welding machine is completely dry, and this includes the torch, plug, pedal, and the main box. Once you’re done with your welding, immediately remove the stub ends.

Working for too long at a stretch can also make you feel a bit clumsy. So, make sure you take a break after a certain period, and while you do it, you have to turn the power off.

 Taking Care Of The Gas Cylinders

Our atmosphere has got Argon and Carbon-di-oxide. Normally it doesn’t cause much of a problem. However, when you’re talking about an enclosed area being filled with these gases, it can cause asphyxiation and even death.

When you knock the valve off the cylinder, the risk just gets higher. To make sure you’re always in the safe zone, you have to keep the cylinders upright. Don’t even think of placing it horizontally.

Prevent them from falling on the ground and, most importantly, see if they’re securely capped.

 Fire And Explosives? Beware!

As I said, when you’re welding, you’re dealing with a lot of sparks. So, when you’re welding, you have to make sure there’s no flammable material close to you.

If you happen to find gasoline, oil, paint, or let’s say objects like paper, wood, etc, you have to maintain a wide distance while welding.

 Wrapping Up!

That was all about the welding safety tips. Don’t be a reckless, tough guy and say ‘Who cares about all this stuff.’ If you don’t take the necessary measures, you may regret it later.

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